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Developed in Europe, and now available in the United states, the Lipo-Light procedure instantly removes inches from your arms, chin, stomach, hips, thighs, and back. Utilizing high intensity super L.E.D technology, Lipo-light instantly shrinks your fat cells from the size of grapes, down to the size of raisins, in less than 20 minutes. If you are looking for the most powerful instant weight loss solution available, then you have found it. The Lipo-light system uses intense L.E.D light therapy at a specific wavelength to achieve immediate, and permanent inch loss. The Lipo-Light procedure is safe, painless, and completely noninvasive. The Lipo-Light program is an alternative to liposuction, smartlipo, and other painful weight loss surgeries.

You eat healthy, but you still can’t get rid of those problem areas. You exercise 3 times a week, but that stubborn fat is stuck to you like your teen age children to their smart phones. Don’t give up hope. The Lipo-Light program works every time it’s implemented, and if you don’t lose, you don’t pay. That is our guarantee. You will be amazed how years of fat melt off your body in minutes, with zero pain, zero downtime.

The Lipo-Light procedure features duel wavelength technology.

Lipo-light utilizes duel wavelength technology to maximize instant weight loss results. Other light, or laser based weight loss systems only utilize a single wavelength. If your considering other noninvasive weight los programs, ask if they use a duel wavelength system. They probably don’t, because as far as we know, only Lipo-light utilizes duel wavelength technology.

What is duel wavelength technology?

Lipo-Light operates on two distinct wavelengths. 635nm, and 900nm. The first wavelength has been proven to shrink fat cells by tricking them into making them think that you are working out. The cells release stored fat in order for your body to burn it as energy. When the fat is released, the cells immediately shrink from the size of grapes, down to the size of raisins. This process is called lipolysis, and it happens in less than 20 minutes after your Lipo-Light procedure. The second wavelength of 900nm has been shown to increase collagen, and tighten skin. Other instant weight loss systems only release the fat, but don’t tighten the loose skin that forms after dramatic inch loss. The lipo-Light procedure shrinks fat cells, while simultaneously tightening and rejuvenating the skin in areas being treated. No more loose skin! Only a duel wavelength system can make this assertion.



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