About Us

The Laser55 Laser Lipotherapy Spa of West Hartford

We are Laser55, the most powerful non-surgical instant weight loss program in Connecticut.

The Lipo-Light program has the power to melt excess stubborn fat in 20 minutes of use. Our Lipo-Light procedure is the most advanced body contouring system available. While other fat removal systems only work some of the time, and with results mixed at best, Lipo-Light works every time. There is no other program that can give you the same instant weight loss results that Lipo-Light can.

We have flat screen TVs in each treatment room, as well as streaming digital music in 25 genres, in order to make your stay with us as relaxing as possible. Come and see us, and you will find out why we are the premier instant weight loss center in Connecticut.

Laser 55 is conveniently located in the Armory Building at 836 Farmington Avenue in West Hartford, CT. We are on the first floor in Suite 101B. You will love our wonderful building and Spa environment.

Our location in West Hartford is an easy visit from Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, and all of the area communities.