Here in their own words, are the experiences of our clients. We work so hard to make sure each & every person who visits us is treated like family.

My experience at Laser55 has been extremely comfortable

and highly productive. Pam's friendly yet professional approach put me at ease from the very first appointment on. This well run business has seen to every last detail to insure the clients' session is a pleasant one.


I found Laser55, from the very beginning everything

was a pleasant experience. Pam actually did the procedure and she is so sweet along with being very knowledgeable. Of course most important is I believed the procedure works.

–-Bonnie S.

I was amazed and impressed of the instant results! I didn't

experience any symptoms or discomfort. It was a great experience and I and doing this again for sure! The staff was the icing on the cake! Amazing! It was a pleasure to walk through the Laser55 door every time! Thank you!

–-Cynthia V.

I had a wonderful experience with Laser55. The staff is

professional, knowledgeable, and very personal, and kind. I have lost several inches after just a few visits. I will definitely be telling my friends that this is the place to go! Thank you staff and Laser55!

–-Stephanie G

I was very impressed with Laser55. The staff is very polite,

helpful, and encouraging; especially Pam. I am very happy with my results. I lost almost 6 inches in just 3 visits! I highly recommend that anyone trying to fix any problem areas; come do it at Laser55.


I would absolutely recommend this procedure to others. Pam is

fantastic at her job. I felt highly inspired to begin an exercise program after doing this procedure!

–-Karen C

I started with 3 Laser55 treatments back in June 2013 and I

couldn't believe how my belly diminished by the third visit! I made a conscientious decision to watch my calories and continue visiting Laser55 weekly. In just 3 months I have lost 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes. It's easy.

it's safe and I couldn't be happier!

–-Susie S

I would recommend Laser55 to anyone that wants to lose inches-

and who doesn't? Danielle made me so comfortable. You lie on a warm bed, listen to relaxing music, and inches fall off! I lost 4 inches total within

3 sessions. What a difference in the way my clothes are fitting. I'll be back!

–-Donna T

I was a bit skeptical before I started, but the results are

wonderful. No pain involved at all and the staff are positive and great to work with. Will be treating all "problem" areas in the future.

–-Cindy M

I can't say enough good things about Laser55. The facility is

immaculate and the staff is friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Best of all, it works! After 5 years of struggling unsuccessfully to lose the weight I gained after quitting smoking, I decided to give Laser55 technology a shot. I have to say I was extremely skeptical that it would work. But not only did I lose inches at the sessions, I began to lose weight after the sessions as well and-depending on the resolve of my diets-I've continued to lose ever since. Apparently it was just the kick start my body needed to start losing!

–-Linda S

Saw results quickly. Informative and helpful staff. Great way

to kick start and maintain weight loss. Highly recommend it!

–-Donna D

Having had prominent saddlebags my entire life, I couldn't

wait to try Laser55 procedure. Love to say, I was not disappointed. I lost inches immediately- it was like a dream come true. The staff and atmosphere is relaxing and professional. I always look forward to my visits. The only bad thing. I can't stop looking in the mirror!

–-Debbie G

Very friendly, loved it that they weren't twits. There were no

twits working there. Friends had noticed change in only 3 sessions.

–-Karen K

I'm very impressed, it really made a difference with how my

clothes fit! And it's very relaxing too! Thank you!

–-Ann F

My experience at Laser55 was wonderful. It was relaxing and I

lost inches at the same time. The technician was informative and a pleasure to deal with. She provided dietary pointers that I followed and was encouraging throughout my visits. I would recommend Laser55 to lose those stubborn inches.


I enjoyed the Laser55 service that I had done. I lost inches

on my thighs which was my goal! The staff is very friendly and professional as well.

–-Lydia L

I had a great experience. The facility is clean. The staff

is warm and inviting. The bed is amazing!!! This was a nice jump start to my weight loss goal!

–- Ann C

This was my first time trying any weight loss program. I am

very pleased with the entire experience, especially the customer service.

Definitely recommended!

–-Susan K

My experience at Laser 55 was great. Danielle is extremely

professional. She did not hesitate to fully explain all steps of my treatment and it is evident that she is fully knowledgeable and confident in her abilities. She answered all of my questions with ease and made sure to remind me of my responsibilities that are required for maintained results.


This was an awesome experience! Pain free and relaxing. Who could ask for anything better!?!

–-Marnie R

My experience was great! I definitely recommend this to others. I lost 3 inches in 3 sessions on my thighs and for the first time my skirts fit! The staff is so warm and friendly and very knowledgeable.–Kim S.

Laser 55 smells so good………It is a very clean and welcoming facility.

I lost 4 inches on my thighs 2 on each in three treatments. I am going to rejoin and continue my progress; you have to come try it!!!!


It was the best money I ever spent!!! I lost 1 inch on my chin and 3 inches on my waistline. I have to admit I was very skeptical but the results are life changing. I highly recommend Laser 55.


I had a very relaxing experience at Laser 55 which produced visible and measurable results the very first time. I looked forward to each session and they were always relaxing and rewarding! The staff is wonderful and experienced. Keep up the good work!


The total experience is wonderful! From the upbeat staff to the 40 minutes of total relaxation while you lay on a warm cozy bed and listen to soothing music and then for 10 minutes do a machine that equals a one hour cardial work out- so cool. I was nervous and anxious but now I am addicted!!! I Lost 4 inches in 3 sessions.


Thank you Laser55 as I have lost 1 1/2 inches off of each arm. I am so excited and I can wear shirts and sweaters I never wore before. I just can not believe the results. I was comfortable and very well informed. Every question was answered! Love it here!!!


Thank you Laser55 as I have lost 1 1/2 inches off of each arm. I am so excited and I can wear shirts and sweaters I never wore before. I just can not believe the results. I was comfortable and very well informed. Every question was answered! Love it here!!!


Great experience, lost 3 inches in 3 sessions. The best part of being there was laying on the bio-mat, it’s very relaxing and comfortable. Excellent staff


I lost 4 inches in 2 sessions. The staff was very knowledgeable and professional. The Vibro-pro machine was the best part of this experience


The whole experience was great! I was skeptical but lost 4 1/2 inches in 2 sessions, and the inches showed in my pants .You need to come and experience this procedure.


Laser55 is awesome!!! I lost 3inches in 3 sessions. Staff was great. You need to try this, the infrared lamp and the exercise machine (Vibro-Pro) was the best. I will be back.


Laser55 was the best thing I did for my health; they talk to you about diet and exercise. I lost 5 inches in 6 sessions. I love the bio-mat. I had a wonderful experience with my technician.


I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first; but have since come several times because the results have been fantastic and noticeable, I continue to melt inches away while working with a fun and knowledgeable staff who inspire and encourage me


The total experience is wonderful from the cheerful and knowledgeable staff to the 40 minutes of total relaxation while the infrared lamp does it’s job to the vibration machine which is an experience on its own. All too measurable results. This is an amazing experience.

–Roxanne S.

I had a very relaxing experience at LASER 55 which produced visible and measurable results. I looked forward to my visits as the sessions were very relaxing and the staff is extremely positive, charged and engaging. Keep up the good work!


My first session I lost a whole inch. Even though I didn’t notice I felt great. My second session is when I noticed a little extra breathing room. Following good diet and drinking water by my third session I have lost almost 5 inches. This works great!

–Norshonda W.

I’m over the moon pleased with the results. The experience with Pam was wonderful. She’s warm and caring. I will be back and plan to spread the word how happy I was!

–Allison C.

This experience has been amazing! In just 3 sessions I lost 5 inches off my waist, giving me the boost I needed to get back on track for my fitness and weight loss goals. Pam and the entire staff were supportive, lively, and just excited for my results as I was. They’re an utter delight.


LASER 55 has given me the gift of confidence!!! I love the results I live 40 minutes away but look forward to the drive. Pam is a wonderful woman!! She makes this entire experience warm and fuzzy. I will recommend LASER 55 to all my friends!!!

–Karlene S.

I love LASER 55. I lost 6 inches in 3 sessions. Love the staff. The Vipro-Pro is awesome- will be back!!!

–Lori B.

I was very skeptical but in the end I lost 4 ½ inches in 3 sessions. The staff and office are fabulous.

–Linda L.

Lost 3 ½ inches on my abbes in 3 visits. Pam and staff make you feel comfortable.

–Kathy C.

The vibe in the office is fantastic!!! Everyone is upbeat. I lost 4 inches with only 6 appointments. The Bio-Mat is so good and the Vibro-Pro is a blast.

–Emily K.

My friend convinced me to come in. I tried it and I am hooked, so far I lost 3 inches in 3 visits and I have 6 more-can’t wait to finish.

–Kathleen S.

I have been coming to Laser55 for 3 months one day a week. I have lost a total of 10 inches and my clothes feel so much better. I have had much success with this and the technicians are wonderful!

–Kerry O.

I’m on session 12 of a 15 pack and the results, particularly around my waist, have been great. A little tough on me to make sure I was getting the most out of the treatments by dieting and exercising as well, but is always friendly and professional. Though the immediate results are really satisfying, I think more importantly Laser55 has helped me on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

–Natalie H.

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with my experience here! I am thrilled with the results and Pam and her staff make each visit so pleasant. They are always so warm and welcoming and make everyone feel comfortable. –Esther D

I exercise everyday.. I had a great experience. I lost over 3 ½ inches in 3 sessions. The Vibro-Pro was intense, but the Bio-Mat was excellent.

–Adam S.

They are professional, kind, and encouraging. I lost 2 inches from my thighs. The rooms are very comfortable.

–Shoreh R.

I was very skeptical, but tried it anyway. I lost 2 ½ inches on my love handles (sides of stomach). The technicians are very professional.


The Laser55 program was great and I lost 1 ½ inches on my thighs. My technicians did such an amazing job- their knowledge was unbelievable. You have to try it!

–Kathy S.

I am so impressed! I lost 2 ½ inches in 3 visits. The Vibro-Pro is so cool- I will come back. They have great technicians.


I lost 3 inches in 3 sessions. I love the feeling on the Bio-Mat, it’s warm and cozy. The Vibro-Pro was interesting, but the best part was the peaceful feeling of the room and the experienced technicians.

–Carolyn P.

My experience has been life changing! I have seen dramatic results and lost inches from my waistline. Pam and the girls are so friendly. I would definitely recommend this to others!

–Emily W.

I lost ½ inch off each arm. I could not believe the results-Highly recommend Laser55. Everyone is so nice!


Never did I think this procedure would work but, it did! I lost 2 inches off each thigh. I feel so much better in my pants. Thank you Laser55!

–Lisa M.